What is this site about?
The presidential election is November 4. Halloween is October 31. We like carving pumpkins. Hence, YesWeCarve.com.

Who is behind YesWeCarve.com?

Josh Horton (Memphis, TN), Jason Powers (New York, NY), and Josh Jeter (Chicago, IL). The four met in Seattle, WA.

Are you part of the Obama campaign?

Must you be an Obama supporter to make a Barack O’ Lantern?
Not necessarily. You can carve a ‘kin if you haven’t made up your mind. We welcome all creative support for the Obama/Biden ticket. Plus, McCain O’ Lantern is less snappy.

Are attack pumpkins ok?
Nope. No Attack O’ Lanterns.

What was the worst catchphrase you thought of while building the site?
It’s a tie between Joe Pumpkin Pie-den and The Squashacity of Hope.


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