Contest is over.
Congratulations to Kevin (Austin, TX) and Minh (Hanoi, Vietnam).

What’s this?
A good ol’ fashioned pumpkin carving contest.

What do I win?
A Fourth Generation 8GB iPod Nano

How do I enter?
Submit a photo of your fine work to

How will the entries be judged?
Pumpkin photos will be evaluated based on a number of factors, mostly having to do with sheer awesomeness.
Get creative! You’ll receive points for almost anything: pumpkin design, surroundings, costumes, number of people involved etc. Impress us!

Do we need to use stencils to win?
Nope. Use your own designs if you’d like. If they’re really good, send them along to
We’ll post them on the site so others can carve ’em too. Spread the fun.

What is the deadline?
The end of November 2.

How will the contest be judged?
The team will select the ten best entries and you’ll pick the winner on November 3.

When will we know the results?
We’ll post the winner at midnight on November 3, just in time for you to get out and rock the vote on November 4.