1) Download. Select and download your favorite stencil.

2) Print. Open the stencil and print it on a normal 8.5 x 11” piece of paper.

3) Find a pumpkin. The more smooth the surface, the better. Try to match the size and shape of your ‘kin with the pattern you plan to use.

4) Get some tools. Carving kits usually include a scoop, a drill tool, and a poker tool, and can be found in most stores that carry Halloween supplies. Other tools may also work. Cover your work surface with plastic bags or newspapers. Expect pumpkin juice.

5) Gut your pumpkin. Use a sturdy kitchen knife to cut around the stem. Angle your cut inward so the lid won’t fall into the pumpkin. Make sure the hole is large enough to remove pumpkin seeds and insert a candle. Remove the pumpkin seeds. Consider toasting seeds for tasty treat.

6) Carve. Wash and dry your ‘kin. Use scotch or masking tape to fasten the stencil to the pumpkin (tape sticks better to room temperature pumpkins). Use the poking tool to dot the pumpkin along the lines of the pattern. Break the surface of the pumpkin as you dot the lines. Once all lines have been dotted, remove the pattern. Use the cutting tool or a larger knife to carve along the dotted lines. Use caution while working with sharp tools.

7) Snap a photo. Capture your fine work with a photograph.

8) Share. Submit your photo to (max width: 1000 pixels). We will process and post your photo.

9) Repeat.