Kevin (Austin, TX) Minh (Hanoi, Vietnam) with Video!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008 Photos, Video

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  1. wow, that’s super-nice. i’m impressed. nice subtlety!

  2. Erika on October 18th, 2008
  3. Awesome, masterpiece!

  4. pcarver of yore on October 18th, 2008
  5. exceptional work!

  6. tj on October 18th, 2008
  7. Incredible!! Could you do two more or would you sell it? I live in Austin too!!!

  8. Richard Luciano on October 18th, 2008
  9. Wow, this is amazing! Great job!!

  10. Kelcie on October 18th, 2008
  11. Actually, Minh and I just did another Barack-O-Lantern. I’ll probably post pictures on my blog soon (see the link).

  12. Kevin on October 19th, 2008
  13. This one is very special!

  14. A. on October 20th, 2008
  15. Outstanding work!

  16. Angie on October 21st, 2008
  17. this is amazing and should definitely win the ipod nano!

  18. Steven F. on October 21st, 2008
  19. Very cool. Thanks for the video :)

  20. Donna on October 22nd, 2008
  21. Amazing. Hope you win.

  22. Donna on October 22nd, 2008
  23. whoa! the shading is amazing. Great work!

  24. Lori on October 23rd, 2008
  25. Love the growl at the end.

  26. Fahhnnnsswortth on November 3rd, 2008
  27. I just saw this and saw the site and got waayyy too excited: Get your Obama Victory Hands ( in time for Election Day!

  28. ajay on November 3rd, 2008
  29. Awesome man! Go Obama

  30. Manan Parikh on November 3rd, 2008
  31. Hey Kevin and Minh!

    Congrats on getting into the Top 10. You’ve been busy, I can see. :)

    Love your pumpkin.

    A pro? Me? Well, its the first year I tried, but a little too late and last minute.. Didn’t sell any pumpkins. Coulda used the cash, but there’s always next year.

    Yeah, this election is kind of rigged in Obama’s favor. :) I do hope that it is a premonition for tomorrow though!

    Best of luck on the contest, and thanks for your kind words!


  32. Austen Hoogen on November 4th, 2008
  33. cute pumpkin, cute couple, cute video. GO OBAMA!!

  34. alexis on November 4th, 2008
  35. Allright, I voted for you, but I should get 50% of the prize if you win :)

    Awesome pumpkin. I didn’t know you were in to that sort of thing. You’ll have to teach me to pumpkin next time I’m around.

  36. Jeffrey Salas on November 4th, 2008
  37. Kevin and Mihn, well looks like you’re gonna take this one. Great job. Did ya hear the first vote count of the 2008 election is in from Dixville Notch, NH – 15 votes for O, 6 for McRage. Plus the Redskins lost tonight and when they win their last home game before the general election the incumbent party wins the White House! So hopefully these are all good omens!

    Anyhow, quite fortuitously I made a second Barack-O-Lantern on the 1st of Nov that was generated from the same photo you guys used to generate your second pattern and pumpkin – check out my product at my site (with 19 non-Obama pumpkins I carved this year – I’m not a ‘pro’ but I enjoy carving during the Halloween season):

    Again, congrats and great job

  38. Mannie on November 4th, 2008
  39. Welp. Looks like you got me! I hope this attests that Washington is already likely going for Obama. I hope this means that Texas will turn and go for Obama as well!

    Congratulations, both of you!

  40. Austen Hoogen on November 4th, 2008
  41. Good job!! :)

  42. Taylor on November 4th, 2008
  43. Thanks everyone! We really appreciate your votes. Minh had an iPod Nano that just broke a couple of days ago, so this is perfect timing. There were some great pumpkins out there, so congratulations to everyone. Now let’s go vote for the guy on the pumpkin, today’s the last day!

  44. Kevin on November 4th, 2008
  45. that is alsome dudes

  46. andre on November 5th, 2008
  47. Hi webmaster!

  48. Kazelxjt on November 12th, 2008
  49. Great job, the effect when you turn off the lights is just amazing!

    But I suspect it would take me (and most pumpkin-carving novices) more than 5 minutes, like maybe an hour and a half!

  50. Larry on November 14th, 2008
  51. […] a picture of last year’s jack-o-lantern, which came just in time for the election and even won an award! That’s right, a pumpkin award.  Don’t mock […]

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