Here’s what people have been saying about your great carving work!

“Behold the newest trend in pumpkin carving: Barack O’Lanterns.”
-The Huffington Post

“This election is about really cool carved pumpkins.”
-The Daily Intelligencer

“Obama does Halloween.”
-Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic

“A funny but powerful pumpkin-carving campaign launched by Obama supporters.”
-Nancy Schwartz

“This is what I love, love, love about Obama. He inspires ordinary people to get other ordinary people involved in making ideas happen. I love the man’s speeches, but this is what truly gives me hope for our country.”
-DailyKos, October 14

“Best idea I’ve seen this election season. Perfect execution of cause, message, medium, and social media.”
-John Frost, The Disney Blog

“There are some pretty amazing and patient pumpkin carvers out there.”
-Reality Bites, October 14

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